What is STX Next vs Others

STX Next vs Others is a contest organized by STX Next Sp. z o.o. It will take place during the PyCon PL conference, which every member can join.

You have to write an algorithm, which will win GROT game! What is GROT? Have a look, http://grot.hackathons.stxnext.pl! For the STX Next vs Others the board will be much larger.

You need to write an algorithm, which will play the game and have better score than STX Next’s algorithm. When you win, then you will go to the 2nd round - now you will be playing with other contest members and you need to have the highest final score.


  • Daily winners (from 16th to 17th of October)
  • Finale Winners (Grand Finale will be on 18th of October)
Everyday you have a chance to win a prize!